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Apps Worth Downloading If You Are an Entrepreneur

Organizing and time management are the two crucial things to consider if you are an entrepreneur or someone willing to start up something. There are certain apps that can help you organize things better, no matter what kind of trade you are into.

Apps Worth Downloading If You Are an Entrepreneur

Like most of us do we have smartphones, but are we using it in the right way?

If you are a professional, then you can make use of your smartphones and let it work for your betterment. Following are a bunch of apps that I found interesting among all. Kindly note, there are no rankings considered for the listing.

Office Mobile

This is a paid app, might be pricey for some. It’s the mobile version of the Microsoft tools for the special Office 365 subscribers. If you spend in a time of preparing presentation and word docs, then you will definitely find it useful.

Invoice 2go

This app allows you to save, create professional invoices. It has been used by a number of professionals like business people, plumbers, electricians, and many others.

Voice Secretary

Voice Secretary

This is your personal secretary who will remind you of the saved to-do tasks or about an important meeting you might have forgotten. You can also use this app for noting down important info, without the need for a pen and a paper.

Card Munch

Card Munch

Is your wallet packed with lots of business cards? If yes, then it’s time to get rid of them and do all the contacts saved digitally. You might get business cards after attending any conference or meeting, it’s a natural thing. Now, instead of keeping them in your wallets, scan the business card using the CardMunch app.

It’s a free app, owned by LinkedIn that scans the business card and converts it to a LinkedIn connection. The app has scanned over 2 billion cards so far.


It’s a scheduling app, that allows any entrepreneur to plan and design schedule. You can plan the entire week for your employee, and keep a track of the work inside the app itself. Also, it allows the user to send texts and notifications when the scheduled work is ready.

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