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4 Most Innovative Android Apps You Got to Have on your Phone

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We are going to check out some of the coolest Android Apps that you actually should check out. They are innovative and totally different than the usual ones.

Gone are the days when people used the cellphones only for making calls. These days we have the smartphones, that are really smart AF. It’s the applications that make it smart and productive. Also, likable!

4 Most Innovative Android Apps You Got to Have on your Phone

Innovative apps for your phone

Not all the smart applications click easily with the customers. The app got to be unique and something that helps you out in your day to day works. It should be easy to use and definitely that gets the job done rightly. The 4 Most innovative and helpful apps for seniors and adults are listed below:

#1 Tasker

Using this application, you are bringing your phone more close to reality. You can get most of your jobs taken care of by the phone itself. For example, you could set to turn on the Spotify as soon as you plug in your headphones.

#2 Word Lens

Word Lens will help you out with translating a piece of text for you. So, next time when you visit any foreign country and you are not able to decode any language, you could simply pull out your phone and simply scan the text. This will translate the text into your language or the language that is set by default.

#3 Clap to Find

This one is funny! Now if you are not able to locate your phone, no need to panic around. If you have the ‘Clap to Find’ app on your smartphone, just clap! This will turn the signals, and you will get your phone right away.

#4 Skype Real-Time Language Translator

It’s the new feature which has been recently added on the Skype application. Now, two individuals can communicate with each other no matter the languages. Skype Translator will do the job and make the conversation easy.

There you are! These are some of the Android Apps that you can check out, and should be tried at least once.

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