Everything is not right at the DGCustomerFirst

One day in early March, Rebecca told the manager of a dollar store in South Carolina that she was starting to feel sick. He had a fever and difficulty breathing. Rebecca recalls that at that time everyone who worked at the store seemed to have a fever or cough.

Could you stay home and get paid somehow? he asked his boss. Rebecca recalls that her boss told her to go to work or look for supermarket brands.

At that time, Dollar General had not announced any paid sick leave policy. In fact, the fast-growing retail chain, where 75% of the country lives within five miles of one of its franchises, has done little for its employees. Without gloves, without masks, without danger, without lifting objects. Without DGCustomerFirst PSA, “We made our own hand sanitizer at the store,” says Rebecca. The substitute mix mixes aloe vera and alcohol.

DGCustomerFirst FAQ

What is DGCustomerFirst Survey?

It is a customer satisfaction survey introduced by the Dollar General to make sure that the customers are happy with the services and the products offered. This survey collects the opinions and feedback from the people.

Is DGCustomerFirst secure?

Yes. This is a highly encrypted portal. Thus, this portal is extremely secure for each and every customer to participate in.

Where can I access this online survey?

You can participate in this survey at the website address

Why should I participate in this survey?

This survey makes sure that the Dollar General works on its loopholes and thus overcome them. Thus, they provide the best customer experience to each and every customer visiting their premises.

“It is the general shape of the DGCustomerFirst,” said his manager, laughing. Rebecca returned to work later that week.

At that time, Rebecca and some colleagues started sharing stories on social media. During the pandemic, they learned a lot about the development of the dollar in general. They learned that a company that focuses on expansion, especially in small rural areas where Walmart can’t even be founded, doesn’t care too much about the health of its lower workforce. They also learned that if he asked many questions about the issue, a whistleblower who was discovered at Dollar General headquarters could be released.

On March 16, Daniel Stone began asking the first of many questions. Stone, a market planning analyst at Dollar General headquarters near Nashville, was concerned about the company’s lack of response to the Coronavirus. I could have known. His job was to analyze the location of new companies. He confronted him with the reality of working generally at a dollar store. He knew the population, the median income, and the traffic. He knew the insecurity in which the employees live. Dollar General currently has more than 143,000 employees in 16,300 stores, which are often located in rural, low-income, and sparsely populated areas. Areas with around 500 houses,” says Stone, where general store prices are set.

Until now, the company’s only public acknowledgment of the coronavirus has been the announcement of a fixed purchase period for the elderly. Kathy Reardon, director of Dollar General, tapped Stone on the email and asked about guaranteed sick leave for all company employees.

Stone received a happy and even encouraging response. You will be proud to know that our practice during this time was to pay our employees for missed/planned shifts in [our offices] for a maximum of 14 days if they were quarantined due to their own illness or to care for a member family, it’s quarantined, “Reardon wrote, according to an email from Mother Jones. Rebecca did not know if there was any policy at the time of her conversation with her manager, and she allegedly did not know her boss.

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