Why did McDVOICE ban straws on its premises?

If everyone did something to help the environment, it would make a big difference. Disposable plastics, especially straws, made headlines in 2018 when people realized how bad they were for the environment. According to Ocean Collective (via CNBC), they are among the most common elements in beach cleaning, and the problem with their removal is that the alternatives are much more expensive.

But McDonald’s has always promised to play straws, starting with its restaurants in the UK and Ireland. According to The Independent, plastic straws at 1,361 locations are being replaced by paper straws, costing much more for gold bows. But government officials and clients welcomed the mcdvoice decision, and not for a moment too soon. The United Nations estimates that the seas will hold more plastic than fish by 2050 if nothing important is done … and that’s terrible. Thank you so much!

Today, McDonald’s Golden Arches is one of the most famous logos in the world, but they were created randomly. According to the BBC, the McDonald brothers met with Los Angeles architect Stanley Clark Meston to develop a different design for their buildings. In the flat-roofed building they designed, Richard McDonald added two huge semicircles that would catch the attention of passers-by, all potential customers of the McDVOICE. Meston made her the “M” we all know and love today, and the first one was installed next to the first franchise restaurant that opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953.

Some changes have been made, and here’s the weird one: Not all of them are gold.

McDVOICE Rules and Regulations

Some of the basic rules and regulations that each and every participant of the McDVOICE Survey at needs to follow are listed below:

  1. It is necessary that before you access the portal, your age must be above 18.
  2. The purchase receipt of the McDVOICE is a must before participating in this survey at
  3. Each and every participant of the McDVOICE Survey must be a legal and valid citizen of the United States.
  4. This survey is available only at the official survey portal at the address
  5. You must be honest while answering the McDVOICE questionnaire. If at any stage, the administrators feel that you are not serious about this survey, your participation in the McDVOICE Survey will be immediately terminated.

And here is a strange and fun fact that you can never ignore: Freudian psychologists have suggested that it is such a popular logo because it resembles humanity’s original food source – the breasts.

McDVOICE is one of the oldest disputes in England in history and a saga unsurprisingly.


Bottom Line: In 1986, Greenpeace London published a brochure titled “What’s wrong with McDonald’s, everything you shouldn’t know? In 1990 McDonald’s filed a libel suit against five people. Three people apologized, but Helen Steel, a part-time bar worker, and David Morris, an unemployed mail carrier (both pictured) went to court.

The couple received virtually no help, and when they appealed to the European Court of Human Rights against the millions of people McDVOICE was playing against them, they basically said they were fine on their own. The BBC says the entire process only started in 1994 and generated around 60,000 pages of documents.

This only ended on June 19, 1997, when the judge pronounced his 762-page ruling and ordered Steel and Morris to pay £ 60,000 in damages, with McDonald’s innocent on many of their charges. The couple refused to pay, McDonald’s said it was not interested in an accusation and that the matter had gone down in history.

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