TalktoWendys Frosty ruling the social media

As summer approaches, Wendy’s fast-food chain kicks off a host of social media promotions and incentives that focus on the legendary ice formation.

The company will launch three different social media campaigns this summer, including Twitter and Foursquare. However, all efforts are focused on Facebook and Frosty.

Wendy’s also reaches every corner of the social space with price contests and a fan-led charity campaign. It’s the best of premium marketing, with social media designed to increase brand awareness and reward fan appreciation.

On Monday, Wendy Frosty launched Summer Vacation, the first of three Frosty initiatives. Frosty is on vacation and will use his Facebook page, which already has nearly 600,000 fans, to provide information about his location. It is essentially a digital treasure hunt that runs through June 6.

Users over the age of 18 can access the app, which is now online, from the Win tab and log in to take on the challenge of finding Frosty. After completing the registration form, Facebook users have access to a travel journal where they can view Frosty’s postcards and save one of the six stamps, one for each letter, on Frosty while they are retrieved.

TalktoWendys Survey Objectives

Have a look at the main objectives of Wendy’s behind launching the TalktoWendys Survey at the website

  1. To collect the honest and genuine feedback and opinions of the customers. survey has been helping the management team of Wendy’s to interact with the customers directly.
  2. is an extremely secure portal that allows the Wendy’s to make sure that the customers are happy with products they are enjoying on their premises.
  3. TalkToWendys Survey helps the Wendy’s to be the best in the world.
  4. This customer satisfaction survey is solely launched to enhance the customer satisfaction level on their premises.

TalktoWendys Survey can be conducted only on the official website at the address This survey hardly requires any sort of effort and time from the participants.

Frosty gives advice on how to find individual stamps with digital postcards, and fans get a Frosty postcard every few days. The first clue to locate the “F” stamp is now online, prompting users to search the Frosty’s Wall photo collection on Facebook. Users who collect a single card enter a $ 25 gift card raffle, while those who collect all the stamps can win the main prize – a two-person trip to Hawaii or Alaska.

When Frosty Summer Vacation ends, the company will launch its Treat it Forward app to raise funds for the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation (DTFA). The initiative starts on June 7 and lasts until June 20.

The campaign would coincide with Father’s Day. Fans can participate in the social media charity campaign and donate 50 cents to DFTA with the Treat it Forward app. Fans can pay for this with a tweet using the #TreatItFwd hashtag, a virtual gift from Frosty Facebook, a Foursquare recording at a De De Wendy’s restaurant, or a Father’s Day e-card created on For every fan action, Wendy’s donates 50 cents to DTFA to raise $ 50,000 with the help of fans of online brands.

Wendy also plans to contribute to the foundation through in-store campaigns. Therefore, the company donates 50 cents to DTFA for each Frosty purchased on June 19 and 20. In total, the company plans to raise $ 4.5 million for the foundation.

At the end of the summer, Wendy’s will invite fans to share photos, videos, and stories about how they enjoy Frosty’s on Project Frosty. On June 21, a custom Facebook app for the Frosty project will be launched, which will allow Frosty fans to send their digital memories to Frosty and vote for other users on posts of their choice.

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